"..A self sufficient community centre for educative turism..."

GSE Autosustainable

Preservation and reforestation program


GSE is educative because people, young and old, can learn of the comunity centre and they can teach something to it. In this way the idea is that this place will give a positive contribution to the development of the earth and the consciousness of people. GSE strives to give a positive integral contribution to the wellbeing of the earth and the next generations.
The centre will apply design of sustainable development and will teach this to others too, so those individuals can design their own environments and build self-sufficient human settlements. Apart of the fact that the centre is based on sustainable principles regarding construction, passive and active energy, water gaining and agriculture, GSE also is a think-tank for sustainable concepts on a local, regional, national and international level.
Workshops, events and conferences focused on the development of sustainable systems will be organized and also workshops and training periods for the physical and mental wellbeing of people will take place.