"..A self sufficient community centre for educative turism..."

GSE Autosustainable

Holistic architecture

The habitats of the self-sufficient settlements of GSE will be designed by Rodrigo Orellana, architect, specialised in sustainable designs based on his Holistic Architecture principle.

This vision considers architecture as the creation of a space that adapts in a fluid form to nature, as the construction of a controlled space which will achieve a habitability and an existence rooted in the space and the "Being" of those who will inhabit it.

For this reason it is delicate to give examples because one must not dogmatize a holistic intervention, that is to say "each architectonic intervention" is proper of a place and even more, of a punctual space inside this place. This place contributes these Qualities to a certain order or requirement and the response is the character that it acquires, that comes to be the conjugation of the spirit of the place with its own essence, which, when it superposes with the spirit and the essence of the person who will inhabit it, gives a HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE as a result.


This type of architecture can depart for example from an idea of habitability given by a person or a group. From this point the architect first designs the habitat, then the place inside this habitat and immediately after that the punctual place of intervention. As one can see, the search of an architectural response cannot be done in a frequency from one side to another. It consists of a specific character, thus this makes it ORIGINAL, that is to say it is relative because it depends on it’s origin, and therefore the persons who will inhabit the place with an organic practice, among harmonized spaces between them and their environment, will be influenced positively by this type of architecture, which has as a goal to make them more balanced beings.

A difference with what is designed in general, is that a holistic architecture design is not to be an object of contemplation, but it must be unnoticed, both the external appearance as the internal appearance of the builded structure. Thus, holistic architecture has as an objective that the person who will live in this place will feel complete and balanced because of a mental efect which is caused by the construction of the architectural design, that is to say it’s senses will be influenced by the space it is in. This space should be an extension of our ideal of action, or in other words holistic architecture is architecture of Stimulus and Response, of Cause and Effect, but Happy, Organic and Original.


Holistic architecture